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Earlier Rants: 2001
(Rants for 2002)

December 2001
12/31: The 8-Ball: Day Three
12/28: The 8-Ball: Day Two
12/27: The 8-Ball: Day One
12/26: Lurking Within The ALTROK Christmas Stocking: Content
12/20: ALTROK Ordinals 25
12/19: Schedulus Rex
12/18: The Storm Before The Calm
12/13: ALTROK Ordinals 24
12/12: The Cling Of Cartoons
12/11: I Discovered That I Am Not Alone.
12/6: ALTROK Ordinals 23
12/5: You've Got My Attention. Now Give Me Back My Nose!
12/4: Open Letter To My Guitar Player

November 2001
11/29: ALTROK Ordinals 22
11/28: Short A Few Nutrients In The Ol' Petri Dish
11/21: Radio Free Me
11/14: Harmony In My Head
11/9: Geosynchronous Harmony
11/7: More Less Pain Forever Now
11/2: ALTROK Ordinals 21
11/1: You're Soaking In It, And It Is Us (Part 2)

October 2001
10/31: You're Soaking In It, And It Is Us (Part 1)
10/25: ALTROK Ordinals 20: Appreciating The Elder Wainwright
10/24: Making Up Music 6: Mike Kohn
10/23: They Might Be On Tour
10/18: ALTROK Ordinals 19
10/17: The Sounds Of Sirens
10/16: It's Not HardCore ... It's NerdCore
10/12: Last Dead Mouse
10/10: The Moebius Strip Search
10/5: ALTROK Ordinals 18
10/3: The Clean-Up Woman

September 2001
9/27: ALTROK Ordinals 17
9/26: What IS So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?
9/25: Heroes
9/21: Returning To Normal (Any Remaining Problems Are Your Own)
9/20: ALTROK Ordinals 16
9/19: The Gospel According To Thy Diva: Would She Lie To Thou?
9/17: Terror And Music
9/14: And The Hits Just Keep On Comin'
9/13: ALTROK Ordinals 15
9/12: Making Up Music 5: Jim Testa
9/11: When Acolytes Attack
9/10: Today An Orange Grove, Tomorrow The World
9/7: Let My People Go!
9/6: ALTROK Ordinals 14
9/5: Blood Makes Noise - 'Til You Unleash a Really Really Big Dog You've Thoughtfully Named Tiny. So There.
9/4: Making A Case For Altru-Cynicism

August 2001
8/31: If This Had Been An Actual Emergency...
8/30: ALTROK Ordinals 13
8/29: Grimm-ly Fiendish
8/28: "Crystal" Persuasion
8/27: How Advertising Works
8/24: Eighties Bias, Or Just Good Taste?
8/23: ALTROK Ordinals 12
8/22: Music Is Your Memory
8/21: Dan Zanes' Second Childhood
8/20: Knives Art
8/17: New Jersey: Not Just For Cover Bands Anymore
8/16: ALTROK Ordinals 11
8/15: Making Up Music 4: Annie Hughes
8/13: MTV: Twenty Years Of Television With Music
8/10: "Live" Ain't Dead ... Yet.
8/9: ALTROK Ordinals 10
8/8: Making Up Music 3: Bryan Bruden
8/6: A New Kind Of Prisoner
8/3: Reasons To Be Sneer-ful
8/2: ALTROK Ordinals 9
8/1: Smells Like Sicktory

July 2001
7/27: Thinking For One's Self: An Abstract Tutorial
7/25: Sing Whether Or Not You're Winning
7/20: Familiarity Breeds Irascibility
7/19: ALTROK Ordinals 8
7/18: How Do You Afford Your Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle?
7/17: Sand Wars
7/16: Geek In A Bottle, Uncorked
7/13: Some Roots With Your Beer (And A Side Of Class)
7/12: ALTROK Ordinals 7
7/11: Review Haiku
7/10: Reach The Beach
7/9: Answering The Clue Phone

June 2001
6/29: How Come Kids Get All The Cool Stuff?
6/28: ALTROK Ordinals 6
6/27: Recipe For Destruction
6/26: Out Of The Tower, And Into The Frying Pan
6/25: A Lemon-Fresh Pledge Drive
6/22: Okay, So It's Not Just Me
6/21: ALTROK Ordinals 5
6/20: Hari-Karaoke
6/19: Violins In Amsterdam
6/18: That "Pop" You Heard Was Important
6/15: DOXing Maneuvers: WDOX's Tom McNally
6/14: ALTROK Ordinals 4
6/13: I Wanna Be Berated
6/12: Looping Into Oblivion
6/11: It's Electric!
6/8: Michael Stipe Is Forty-One, and That's Only Two Years Older Than Tom Cruise, and Three Years Older Than Brad Pitt
6/7: ALTROK Ordinals 3
6/6: The Fast Lane and the Middle of the Road
6/5: Where "There" Is In L.A.
6/4: Walken On Sunshine
6/1: Sonic Reducer to Acid Reducer

May 2001
5/31: ALTROK Ordinals 2
5/30: The Last Man Standing
5/29: They Eat Their Own
5/25: Radio By The Numbers
5/24: ALTROK Ordinals 1
5/23: Joey
5/22: Well, You Asked...
5/19: The Streaming Trick
5/17: Submerged In Streams
5/12: Douglas Adams, 1952-2001
5/2: Introducing The Past

All material ©2001-2014 Sean Carolan, except as noted.


Today's NY/NJ Shows That Matter

Friday, May 29, 2020
Polaris at The Foundry, Philly (POSTPONED)
Connor Bracken & The Mother Leeds Band, Jaron Clemons & The Late Nights, Morningside Lane and more at House Of Independents (POSTPONED TILL AUG 21)
Lucinda Williams at City Winery (Pier 57) (POSTPONED)
Peter Wolf & The Midnight Travelers at Tarrytown Music Hall, Tarrytown NY (POSTPONED)
Bobby Cochran at Paramount Theatre (POSTPONED)
Bobby Bandiera: Runnin Down A Dream at Count Basie Center For The Arts (RESCHEDULED FROM MARCH 13) (POSTPONED)
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A Place To Bury Strangers - It Is Nothing
The Boxer Rebellion - Semi-Automatic
The Cribs - Cheat On Me
Datarock - True Stories
Everything Everything - Photoshop Handsome
HEALTH - Die Slow
Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls - Catching More Than We Miss
Julian Plenti - Games For Days
Los Campesinos - The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future (Free download!)
Miike Snow - Black & Blue

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