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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's Royalty Time For Altrok Radio...Care To Help?

Every year, around this time, I renew my web radio account with Live365. That, you might suspect, costs money, and it does - about $400 for our main station (the one with the eight-hour playlist in 64k MP3 Pro) and about $250 total for our other two. Consequently, I'm coming to you for help.

Some of you have already helped by becoming VIPs, and in doing so you've shaved about $60 off our bill by joining up and listening. If you'd like to do that - and if commercials and advertisements annoy you, I do recommend it - there's a link below.

For those who haven't done the VIP thing, don't worry - I'm happy to have you as a listener, and want to keep you listening. The thing is, though, that because the record companies are raising our rates, there won't be as many free listener slots in the future.

So if you'd like to help keep free listenership available, or if you just think it's worth throwing a couple of bucks my way every now and again - whether you're a VIP or not - there's a way for you to help, too, and in a more direct fashion. (Short of just sending me money, which I'd feel kind of creepy about, because I'd like to be sure you know the money actually goes where I'm telling you it's going...)

Live365 has a gift certificate program that lets you buy a certificate and send it to the person of your choice...and if you appreciate what I've been doing at Altrok Radio the past few years and can spare some money to help make sure it stays alive and healthy, this would be a great way to help us keep it going directly.

Here's the link:

They'll need an email address to send the gift certificate to, and you can use this:

pledgedrive -(at)- altrok -(dot)- com

(Remember, replace " -(at)- " with "@", and " -(dot)- " with "." and make sure there aren't any spaces.)

They have three price points and one area where you can fill in your own value - and $5 is as welcome as $100. We're not trying to scare you or gouge you, we just need (and truly appreciate) the help.

My goal is to cover next year's royalty fees on the main station - about $340. Anything above that would be used to either expand the station's capacity (more disk space for longer daily playlists at higher quality) or add to our side stations' capacity, or get applied to the following year's royalty. I'll keep you posted on progress here at the main Altrok Radio site (where, of course, you can check out our advertisers and tune in, both of which also help us.)

By the way, the link for becoming a VIP is:

So, summarizing:

Buy us a gift certificate (any value will do):
(use pledgedrive -(at)- altrok -(dot)- com for the recipient)

Become a VIP and remove ads from the station while helping us:

Hope this explains what faces us, and helps you to help us. Thanks, and keep listening!


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