Viral Guerilla Marketing Tools

ALTROK isn't everywhere. At least, not yet.

But you are.

And if you love your time spent at ALTROK half as much as we enjoy bringing it to you, then we're ahead of you.

Here's how you can catch up. Outside of brandishing your t-shirts and coffee mugs provocatively in the most public of places, that is.

We've cleverly provided some downloadable files below, in Microsoft Word format. You can print 'em out, cut 'em into four equal parts, and place them conspicuously in the coffeehouse or record store of your choice, or anywhere else you think you can get away with.

Got a local alternative station that lost its edge? Print stickers and pop them on top of their bumperstickers. Let the world know there's a new sheriff in Dodge.

If you're really eager, play with the graphics. Just let us know what you do with them, or what you come up with on your own, at

Quarter-Page Handouts

ALTROK teaser handbill with a white background, for situations where ink (or the lack of same) is an issue.

ALTROK teaser handbill with a black background, when you've got the resources and you know how to use 'em.