ALTROK Lifestyle

What, exactly, is the Altrok lifestyle?

It could have something to do with lining your walls with highly endearing prints from SHAG. Or filling your wardrobe with vintage clothing and tchotchkes from Red Bank, NJ's own Backward Glances. Or even procuring a valuable subscription to Weird NJ Magazine.
The truth of it is, though, that the Altrok lifestyle is what you make it - because the irony is that if you do what we tell you to, you're not doing your own thing. (So nyah.)
These are but highway markers; we invite you to draw your own map.

Television History: Thames On 9

Didja know that, back in 1976, London's Thames Television took over a TV station in New York? Here's a growing site that has the lowdown.

Fashion: Backward Glances

Red Bank, NJ has come a long way since I first set foot in its formerly declining self. Backward Glances is a survivor, and is now reaping the benefit of having never given up on Red Bank. Vintage is the watchword, and it's not limited to clothes; check out their jukebox, arrange for arcane dance lessons through them, or just stop by and soak up the atmosphere. And if you're not physically near enough to Red Bank to do this yourself, the website is a more than acceptable substitute, at least until Jet Blue has non-stops to Red Bank.
Besides, Cindy was kind enough to mention us on her page, and we're big enough to create a feature just so we could do the same for her.

Music: Flitwick Records

So if it costs so much to promote a record to retail and radio, doesn't it make sense to cut out the middleman and send out your records for free? The folks at Flitwick Records thought so, and are putting their theory to the test at their website. Just sign up, and every now and again, a record will find its way to you. On real live vinyl, for the most part. So far, I've been impressed by music from Keith John Adams and the Free French, not to mention the originally free and now super-rare 7" single they released from The Fall.