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Friday, April 16, 2010

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90.5 FM/HD1 Tonight: The Altrok Radio FM Showcase

There's a bumper crop of new tracks we'll be premiering on tonight's show at 90.5 The Night - music that'll challenge you, make you move, and generally change your world. Sprinkled in among them, of course, will be classic tracks that you shouldn't ever have to do without.

Specifics? That would be telling - and in most cases, if we told you, you'd say "who?" Though we think you might like the classic Pailhead we dug up. We like Nice Nice, too.

Find out more about "who" - tune in tonight for The Altrok Radio FM Showcase: two whole hours of the good stuff, starting at 11PM on 90.5 The Night.

And in the meantime, remember to check out our lil' slice of heaven at Altrok 90.5 HD2 - tune in with an HD radio (cheap!) or (if you're able to read this) tune in online. All day, all night, in terrifyingly refreshing stereo, or mono, if you prefer.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Malcom McLaren, 64

Malcom McLaren died today, aged 64, according to the New York Times. Say what you'd like, swindler or no, rock is what it is today in no small part because of him.

90.5's Future Requires Your Help

It's time for 90.5's pledge drive, and thus we ask your indulgence and support.

Your assistance will provide more fuel for not only 90.5 The Night, but also Altrok 90.5 HD2 and Brookdale Student Radio at 90.5 HD3.

Any amount is welcome at 877-905-4905, and the pledge page has a number of attractive pledge options as well.

Do tell 'em Altrok sent you (it can't be bad for us to be associated with income, y'know...)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Down For The Third Time

This is a bit of a shock - is going dark...again. I don't know whether it's simply a bad economy, or complications from its move to Austin, TX, or what, but they are throwing in the towel and, this time, it looks like it's for good.

Hope not. They've done a stellar job, and I hope they can figure out how to continue to do so. We've held a long-standing respect for them here at Altrok (and, in fact, their Program Director, Mike Taylor, has graciously contributed to Altrok in the past.)

To put it another way, as I just mentioned to Mike in email:

"Good luck to you and the rest of the staff - you've fought the good fight for far longer and at a higher level than many others have had the resources to, and you haven't ever compromised."

We'll keep you posted.
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