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for March 31, 2004

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Stray Thought Kennel
by Your Diva, Robin Pastorio-Newman

Part of growing up and maturing is subduing the bratty impulses. Sometimes one feels unarmed when fighting the brattiest of bratty impulses: Spring is here, and a young woman's thoughts turn to "Why are those workmen digging up my parking lot?" Mature is as mature does, however, so today we meet halfway. Examine the dots, connect as you please!
A dear friend of Altrok's reports South Amboy's art/rock bar, the totally worthy Broadway Central Café, has closed. It turns out the bar is changing hands and will reopen soon. No word yet on whether underground art and music will continue here.
Impressions of last Saturday's rip-roaring coif-fest at New Brunswick's Court Tavern:
1. Jersey Chicks The Catholic Girls, while totally sounding great and kicking ass, paradoxically invite the comment, "Whatever you do, don't think about the Hanson Brothers." The Catholic Girls put on a hot show, and you're sorry you missed it. Fortunately for you, the gals are reasonably local, and you can hightail it to their next gig.
2. The Twentytwos. Sounds like: Television, Elastica, "We could tell that girl someone's already being Patti Smith." A passerby remarked, "That's the drummer from - I don't know - Spacehog or something." And he was!
3. Frankenstein 3000. Hard-edged Rahway look, but who really noticed when everyone was mesmerized by the bass player's perfect hair. Secretaries everywhere want this guy's hair. Possibly there was music too, but we were busy staring at the Holy Grail of heads of hair.
Magic Hat's 2004 Northeast Rock Paper Scissors Championship this Sunday at the Court Tavern, at the corner of Church and Spring Streets in New Brunswick. Bring your kid brother and reminisce about stealing his lunch money.
No fan of the cable company, Your Delight was shocked to love Mag Rack exercise videos on Io Digital Cable. With its nice variety of exercise forms and lengths, Mag Rack lets customers choose new, truly useful workouts any time, day or night.
Altrok darlings Persil play the Saint tonight, Wednesday night. Call out sick Thursday morning and don't tell anyone you partied with us. Okay, tell anyone you want, we asked for vacation days.
During the Daily Show on Comedy Central last week, the most completely unexpected moment since your kid brother sprouted blond dreadlocks after you went to college: After the first few notes of familiar accordion music you realize Tom Waits' Rain Dogs scores a BMW motorcycle commercial.
Wonderfalls [whose very good theme song is by XTC's Andy Partridge - Ed.] is like Joan of Arcadia, if Joan of Arcadia were...good.


©2004 Robin Pastorio-Newman

All material ©2001-2014 Sean Carolan, except as noted.


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